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Workshop Topics

All workshops include a thorough stretch and warm-up at the beginning, cool-down at the end, and notes for dancers. Choreographies are taught in a step by step method.

These workshop topics are listed as a point of departure please feel free to discuss any ideas you have about topics you would like me to teach. I am always interested in trying new thingÅs!

Thank you for considering me for your event.

  • Dynamic Combinations (with or without finger cymbals)
  • The Elusive Four Yard Veil Techniques & Combinations (many veils available to borrow)
  • Original Drum Solo Choreography
  • Raks Sharki Choreography
  • Fusion Belly Dance Choreography with or without Veils
  • Taksim: Floorwork, Arms & Hands
  • Four Yard Veil, Arms & Hands
  • Four Yard Veil & Double Veil Techniques (bring two matching half circle veils; veils available to borrow)
  • Sword: Techniques & Combinations (including floorwork)

  • MASTER CLASS: Beginning Dancer
  • MASTER CLASS: Advanced Dancers (lots of challenging technique)
  • Spicy Skirts & Fabulous Fanwork (bring a full skirt / fan some fans available to borrow)
  • Skirt Work: Combinations & Choreography (bring a full ankle-length skirt)
  • Turkish Dance in 9/8 Rhythm (bring a full ankle-length skirt)


  • Ballet for Bellydancers (Exploring the posture, grace & lyricism of Ballet with the Middle Eastern Dancer in mind. Great as an early morning 1 hour workshop.)

Some of my favorite techniques that may be requested to fit into the above workshop topics:

  • Improvisation: Using the Elements of Dance to Move Past Choreography (lecture with notes and demo - 15 to 30 min)
  • Spinning {and Stopping} Gracefully (including techniques of spinning with spotting, not spotting, traveling, staying in place, and more)
  • The Barrel Roll Breakdown (spin)
  • Turkish Drops made “Safer” (from a spin or not)
  • Deep Backbend sliding out onto the floor (using a safe as possible, muscular method)
  • Lotus Hands (foolproof, easy, quick teaching technique! Guaranteed!)
  • Tips & Techniques for Stomach Rolls & Stomach Flutter

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