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Short Bio for publicity:

Shoshanna is from Arcata, in the redwoods on California’s North Coast. She has danced throughout her life in many styles and found her art in the dances styles of the Middle East in 1991. A dedicated improvisational dancer who values any opportunity to perform to live music, Shoshanna strives to express the joy of dancing and the emotional quality of the music. As an instructor, she works to balance personal interpretation of the music with excellent technical skills and a deeper understanding of the dance form. Shoshanna serves on the dance faculty of Humboldt State University, directs the Ya Habibi Dance Company, produces music and dance events such as the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival, owns Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, and teaches and performs across the US. She appears on numerous performance and instructional DVDs and in 2004 earned the title of Belly Dancer of the Year.

YouTube Video Clips:

Here are a few favorite dancing clips available to view on YouTube from the last year or so. Enjoy!

High Resolution Photos:

Each of these were taken by the wonderful dance photographer Michael Baxter.

Shoshanna is currently booking events for 2010 and 20110... contact her today!

Workshops & Performances:
Shoshanna's workshops are fun and well-organized with easy-to-follow breakdowns of potentially complicated dance techniques. Her choreographies are creative, well-developed, and she always supplies logical, helpful handouts so that dancers retain more of what they learn.
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Local Events:
Shoshanna and dancers of the Ya Habibi Dance Company are available and delighted to perform at your special event!

All performances are suitable and wonderful for audiences of all ages... it's fun for everyone: weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, anniversaries, baby showers, retirements, corporate events and other special occasions (sorry - no bachelor parties)

School Presentations:
Shoshanna is always happy to work with local schools, camps, and other organizations who would like to feature a presentation on Middle Eastern Dance. These usually run from 30 minutes to an hour, and are very flexible based on the needs of your program. Most presentations include a short dance performance, a Q&A session (with me giving info if they have few questions), and time to teach dance moves to the kids. Presentations run on a sliding scale from $50-$150.



Contact Shoshanna anytime:
(707) 616-6876 •  P.O. Box 1086, Arcata, CA 95518 • dance@shoshannaland.com

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